The storage of recreational vehicles is regulated by the City's Zoning Bylaws.

In a residential area, a recreational vehicle may only be stored in within a garage, carport or in an interior side yard or rear yard. When stored in an interior side yard or rear yard, the recreational vehicle cannot be located in a required parking space and must be located 1 metre (39 inches) or more from a lot line. The maximum length of a travel trailer permitted is 8.2 metres (26 feet 10 inches). Storage of recreational vehicles on vacant lots is not allowed.

Recreational vehicles include:

  • Trailers;
  • Travel trailers;
  • Motorized recreational vehicles;
  • Boats;
  • All-terrain vehicles;
  • Utility trailers; and,
  • Snowmobiles and similar vehicles.

A recreational vehicle may be temporarily parked in a front yard or exterior side yard for up to 72 hours a month (to allow the recreational vehicle to be prepared for use). Leaving a recreational vehicle parked in these locations longer than 72 hours is a violation of the City's Bylaw, and staff will be required to address any complaint through enforcement.