Active Transportation Implementation Plan

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About the Project

The five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan identifies cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, programming, and operational investments to foster a culture of active transportation in Kingston. The plan prioritizes improvements to create an integrated city-wide active transportation network, identifies opportunities to develop neighbourhood-level connections and outlines plans for programming and policy initiatives.

The Implementation Plan transforms Kingston's Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) into action. The ATMP introduced the concept of city-wide and neighbourhood level infrastructure, and recognized that these two components are equally important in achieving the City's long-term goal of having at least 20 percent of all trips within the City using active transportation. This Implementation Plan provides specific details outlining the infrastructure, neighbourhoods, programs and initiatives to be implemented over the next five years. These efforts will collectively move the City closer to its long-term modal vision and goals.

For decades, infrastructure in Kingston was constructed with motorists at the forefront of design decisions. It's important to note that this cannot and will not be undone in the City's first five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan. The content in this document is intended to foster a realistic and flexible strategy that responds to ongoing changes, available resources, funding and partnerships.

Over time, this plan will also serve to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by limiting the need to rely on motor vehicles and will facilitate social cohesion and safer roads for all.

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