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The five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan was approved by Council at its Sept. 17 meeting.

The plan was developed through ongoing public engagement to prioritize components of Kingston's active transportation network and outline an action plan for implementation. The development of a five-year implementation plan facilitates alignment with the City's capital infrastructure plans for major construction projects and provides a greater opportunity for proposed projects to be identified in the City's future capital plans. 

With these factors considered, the implementation plan is framed around four themes:

  1. Neighbourhood Level Infrastructure
  2. City-wide Infrastructure
  3. Existing Gaps and Barriers
  4. Programs, Initiatives and Operations

The integrated approach of this five-year plan takes into consideration programming, polices and operations that promote and govern the use of each infrastructure investment. These components are an equally important ingredient to fostering a modal shift. Each initiative further builds the case for active travel, laying the foundation for consistent uptake and adoption by residents of Kingston.


Project News

Project timeline

  • June - July 2019

    Draft ATIP available for public feedback
  • July - August 2019

    Review feedback received from public
  • August - September 2019

    Publish final Active Transportation Implementation Plan