The new building permit fees were approved by Council on August 8, 2017.

Building Bylaw review

The approval of the building permit fees requires an update to the Building Bylaw. The bylaw regulates the construction, alteration, repair, or demolition of buildings and structures, the information required to apply for a building permit and the permit fees.

City staff are proposing changes to the Building Bylaw to reflect the updates to the Permit Fee Schedule and add requirements for construction fencing.


Staff invited residents to share their feedback on the proposed changes to the Building Bylaw at an open house on September 28.

Review the proposed changes to the Building Bylaw and offer your comments by Thursday, Oct. 5 to Lisa Capener-Hunt, manager, building services,

Building fee review

The City conducted a comprehensive review of its building fee structure in Spring 2017. The review sought to:

  • Conform with legislation
  • Balance the City's need to recover costs and sustain its reserve fund with affordability and competitiveness
  • Reflects industry best practices
  • Recommend fee structure improvements


A draft of a new fee structure was presented at a meeting with stakeholders in the building industry and at two public sessions in May 2017. View the presentation.

Council passed the new fee structure at their August 8 meeting. View the final report.