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Project Update

The 1095 is now on its new foundation in Confederation Park. Work on the locomotive is being conducted by volunteers, labour unions, associated trades and businesses — all contributing their various areas of expertise to renew this beloved Kingston icon.

  • The Cab is being worked on by E.S. Fox Ltd.
  • The Tender is at Selleck Mechanical in Maitland, Ontario
  • E. Coating Solutions is sandblasting and painting elements of the locomotive that have being removed (the engine will be repainted in its entirety in 2012)
  • Pipefitters Local 221 is repairing the tender trucks on-site and is rebuilding the pilot "Cow Catcher" (see picture below) to original design specifications at its shop on Terry Fox Drive.
  • The efforts of the Engine 1095 Restoration Volunteer Group have also helped support this project.

New information panels in English and French have been added adjacent to the project site at Confederation Park to let visitors know more about the Engine's history and this renewal project. For more pictures on the project work, please see the link to the December 2011 newsletter at right.

Project Timeline (subject to change)

Late Summer/early Fall 2012

Restoration of engine completed, tender and cab returned to site and final painting completed.

August 2013

Centenary of Engine 1095