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Interested in Lighting Up City Hall or Market Square? Review the criteria and schedule of illuminations before filling out the application.

Canada's Sesquicentennial has provided an opportunity for the City of Kingston to invest in a new, energy-efficient and programmable lighting system to showcase Kingston City Hall, Springer Market Square and the Confederation Park Fountain and at a later date, the D.A. McNevin Memorial Fountain in Springer Market Square (seasonally).

Currently, a number of assumptions are being made regarding the draft Illumination Policy as follows:

  • City Hall and the surrounding areas are already being lit at night for safety reasons and to highlight architectural features so this policy is meant to showcase City Hall as a national history site, draw visitors to the downtown core, and identify opportunities to highlight and promote important community events, celebrations and issues
  • It is intended the new lighting system will be used respectfully in relation to the architecture of Kingston City Hall and also so it does not negatively impact area residents
  • It is assumed that careful consideration will be given to the use of projections
  • The new lighting system will not be used to respond to world events or for commercial purposes
  • The fountains fall outside the policy given their seasonal use and will be managed by City staff
  • The Illumination Policy will be reviewed after one year and further public input will be sought at that time to determine the success of the new lighting system

Example showing how lighting can be used to illuminate City Hall during The Tragically Hip concert, August 20, 2016
Example showing how lighting can be used to illuminate City Hall during
The Tragically Hip concert, August 20, 2016

Latest Updates

Fall 2017

The policy was recommended to council by the Administrative Policies Committee on Sept. 14, 2017 and carried by Council on Oct. 3, 2017

Summer 2017

Staff continue to refine the Illumination Policy. The policy will provide guidelines regarding the lighting system and is scheduled to come to the Administrative Policies Committee on September 14, 2017.

June 30, 2017

Illumination of City Hall during Canada 150 in Kingston activities.

Public Engagement

June 12, 2017

A public meeting was held to receive feedback on use of the lighting system.

June 5, 2017

Members of the public had the opportunity to help shape the Illumination Policy through an online survey.