Vision Zero
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About the Project

The Vision Zero Road Safety Plan was received and approved by Council in September 2019.

With more than 300 injury collisions and an average of three fatal collisions each year in Kingston, the City recognizes the importance of a strategic plan to improve road safety. Vision Zero is an approach to road safety that has been adopted in various forms around the world and can be summarized as; no loss of life or injury on our roads is acceptable. Vision Zero is based on the simple fact that humans make mistakes. The road system needs to be efficient to transport people but it must be designed to protect users from human error. As such, the foundation of Vision Zero is to:

  • Prevent collisions from occurring in the first place; and
  • Design the road network to be "forgiving" to minimize the consequences of collisions that do occur. 

Vision Zero Road Safety Plan

Kingston's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan (RSP) provides a strategy to address the City's specific road safety challenges and builds partnerships with community stakeholders to work towards the vision of eliminating all fatal and injury collisions on our roads.

The draft Vision Zero Road Safety Plan was completed in early 2019 and provided to the public for feedback that summer. The final RSP was endorsed by Council in September 2019.

As a high-level strategic document, the draft plan identified seven emphasis areas resulting from collision data analysis and supported by the priorities of the technical road safety advisory group and of the public.  These emphasis areas will impact the approach to road safety that the City, stakeholders, and community partners consider.

These seven emphasis areas are:

  • Intersections
  • Distracted driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Impaired driving
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Young demographic

The draft road safety plan also included school zone safety as an awareness area that will be considered as part of road safety initiatives.

From a City perspective, the emphasis areas identified in the Road Safety Plan will inform future road safety measures that will be integrated with active transportation initiatives and incorporated within the multi-year work plans of the Transportation and Public Works Group.    

These annual work plans will include more detailed information about specific road safety measures, schedule, timing and budget.  An annual road safety report that monitors progress will be developed and made available to the public for review.

Collision Map

This map provides a summary of all of the collisions that have occurred in the city over the five-year study period (2012 to 2016) that resulted in an injury or a fatality. You can view the number of injuries or fatalities in each collision by clicking on any coloured circle.

View the detailed version of this map to see a breakdown of collisions by pedestrian, cyclist and motorcycle. Once the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is complete the maps will be updated to include the most recent five years of collision data that is available.

Note: Collision reporting property damage only or collisions on Highway 401 are not included on the map. 


For a more detailed map, see the full screen view.