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About the Project

Active transportation is a key component of the City's vision and goals to support multi-modal transportation, and to achieve a 20% active transportation mode share target by 2034 as directed by Council.

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston is the City's first comprehensive Active Transportation Master Plan. The plan is being developed in response to Council approved policies and plans that outline the need to increase opportunities and investment for active transportation.

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston is a strategy supported by key objectives to guide the implementation of active transportation programs, initiatives and infrastructure, while complementing current Council approved policies such as the Official Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Waterfront Master Plan, and other on-going initiatives (e.g. Vision Zero: Kingston's Road Safety Plan, etc.).

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston is being developed collaboratively with input from City staff, residents, stakeholders, active transportation stakeholders and members of the study team. 

The plan addresses the active transportation needs of the community and provides realistic tools and strategies to guide long-term decision making and help achieve the City's active transportation goals.

What is active transportation?

Active transportation refers to any human powered mode of travel including walking, cycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, running and getting around by wheelchair.

By reducing the reliance on automobiles for work, errands or recreation, active transportation improves the sustainability of the community.  Walking and cycling contribute to creating a more livable, socially inclusive and healthy community.  Active transportation also has the potential to increase tourism to our City contributing to our economy.

Active transportation requires both expanding travel choices and encouraging people to change their habits to walk and cycle more.

Walk 'n' Roll Kingston will result in more sidewalks and walkways, more bicycle facilities, more connections to transit and recreational trails. Community input is very important for getting the plan right.

Project background

According to the Kingston Transportation Master Plan (updated in 2015), the existing active transportation mode share is 14 per cent (13 per cent walking and 1 per cent cycling). However, almost 40 per cent of residents live within 5 km of their work places. The Walk 'n' Roll Kingston plan will be aimed at achieving the target of a 20 per cent active-transportation mode share for peak travel times by 2034 as directed by council.  

What is an Active Transportation Master Plan?

The purpose of Kingston's Active Transportation Master Plan – to be known as the Walk 'n' Roll  Kingston plan – is to develop a comprehensive active transportation network supported by policies, program and facilities designed to increase active travel options and improve accessibility in Kingston.

Between 2008 and 2015 approximately 131 km of cycling infrastructure has been added to City roads. To encourage more walking trips, approximately 74 km of new sidewalks have been installed along with more than 50 street benches. Walk 'n' Roll Kingston will identify the City's future efforts to support and encourage walkers and cyclists.

In January, Kingston received a Walk-friendly designation from Canada Walks an initiative of the Department of Green Communities Canada.

Kingston also won Bike-Friendly Community Bronze recognition from the Share the Road Cycling Coalition in 2012 for investing in its cycling infrastructure.

Plan objectives

  • A comprehensive network
  • Corridors that encourage the use of walking and cycling
  • Networks that integrate walking and cycling with transit and carpooling
  • Facilities that will encourage recreational trips and tourism
  • Programs that reflect the objectives of the plan and the City.

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Project Team

City of Kingston team

The City employees responsible for the oversight of this project are:

  • Sheila Kidd
  • Deanna Green, P. Eng
  • Ian Semple, P. Eng. RPP
  • Mark Dickson

Lead consultant

The project is being undertaken by MMM Group (A WSP Company) and sub consultants.


  • Cumming + Company - Public and stakeholder consultation
  • Mobycon - Active transportation visioning

Bike Friendly Award Walk Friendly Bronze