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The waterfront wayfinding and promotion strategy is intended to help guide people to, and celebrate and promote Kingston's waterfront. Encouraging the community and visitors to connect physically or spiritually to the water is also part of the indent. Signage directs people along the waterfront. Education and public art are also part of the program.

Creating a connected waterfront pathway system will take many years to implement. Temporary waterfront routes, meeting the intent of the Waterfront Master Plan, have been established.

The City has implemented signage along the existing pathways, streets, and parks that are close to the water.  There are two routes. One route is called the Waterfront Trail (blue sign), which follows the existing waterfront pathways and streets (mainly near downtown). The second route is called the Shoreline Route (green sign), which follows streets and roads further from the downtown, which connects people to vistas, public spaces and waterfront parks across the City. These routes are expected to change over time as new streets, parks and pathways are established, which may take users closer to the water.

There are kiosk signs installed at key locations around the City that have maps of the waterfront system, educational information and Indigenous art. 

Project Details

Type: Engagement – Idea gathering campaign
Start date: Fall 2017
Projected end date: Winter 2018
Status: Active


Spring to fall 2018: Implementation
Winter 2018: Document and drawing preparation
Fall 2017: Community and stakeholder consultation

Public Engagement

May 23, 2018: Open house to share the draft family of signs and wayfinding strategy (locations, design). View open house presentation.
December 14, 2017: Open house. View presentation.
October 25 - November 24, 2017: Online engagement opportunities.
October 24, 2017: Open house

Project News

Offer input on two Kingston waterfront projects

October 10, 2017 - The City of Kingston is seeking input on two Kingston waterfront...
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