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Phase 2: Technical studies

Work continues on the technical studies that form the basis of the secondary plan for North King's Town: land use plan, cultural heritage study, servicing plan, transportation plan, and finance and implementation strategy.

Cultural heritage

Download a draft of the North King's Town Cultural Heritage Study.

Land use, servicing, and transportation

Staff and the consulting team are still working through the technical analysis for the servicing and transportation studies and will be reviewing the results of those studies against the land use plan that was presented to the public on Oct. 3, 2018. Draft copies of the servicing and transportation reports, and a draft of the secondary plan policies, will be available when the technical analysis is complete.

Updated Technical Analysis for the Wellington Street Extension

As part of the work for the NKT transportation plan, a strategic corridor analysis has been done that looks at the need for the proposed Wellington Street Extension (WSE), and outlines the additional operational review and analysis that will be needed to complete the transportation work for the NKT Secondary Plan. The NKT Strategic Corridor Analysis will be presented to Council on May 21, 2019 and is time sensitive in order to provide guidance to the 2019 Development Charges Background Study. An executive summary of the work to date, as well as a full copy of the NKT Strategic Corridor Analysis report is available below:

Comments about the transportation work completed to date through the NKT Strategic Corridor Analysis can for forwarded to the project team at

Finance & implementation plan

Work is underway on the finance and implementation plan for NKT, which will identify incentives, public investments, and other strategies to implement the recommendations of the other technical studies that form part of the secondary plan.



Phase 1: Community visioning exercise and preliminary market analysis

The Visioning Report & Preliminary Market Analysis for the North King's Town Secondary Plan was approved by Council on June 6, 2017.

The community visioning exercise and preliminary market analysis were conducted as the first phase of the overall secondary planning process. The community visioning exercise component involved the creation of a community vision statement, planning principles, and design directions for the secondary plan. It involved extensive consultation throughout a large portion of 2016 and included numerous community engagement events. The preliminary market analysis was intended to support the development of a realistic, balanced, and achievable vision for NKT by reviewing local economic factors and broader development market trends.


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