Conceptual Drawings

The Waterfront Master Plan is a guiding document that organizes and prioritizes a plan for the renewal of public waterfront spaces as well as the improvement of access and the creation of a fully connected public waterfront. The plan was approved by Council on March 22, 2016.


  • Provides an overall strategic approach to the implementation and improvement of the City's waterfront;
  • Forms a guiding document that organizes and prioritizes a plan for the renewal of public waterfront spaces;
  • Improves access to waterfront lands that are currently not accessible to the public;
  • Improves connectivity along the waterfront.

The plan:

  • is tailored to Kingston
  • links the greenspaces
  • recognizes the significance of the bluespaces
  • makes a connected waterfront (urban area)
  • engaged the public through an inclusive approach
  • respects cultural heritage



  • Lake Ontario Park – renovation 2013 ($5M) investment
  • Elevator Bay Park – renovation 2014 and waterfront access


  • Coal Dock Pathway - Land access secured/renovate path with accessibility improvements
  • Collins Bay Wharf Improvements - Renovations to structure/parking
  • West St Boat Launch - Dredging and water access improvements
  • Grass Creek Park - Stabilization/Improvements to shelter and reforestation project


  • 33 Ontario St. (The shipyards walkway) - Access secured/ stabilization of shore wall and walkway
  • 100 Foot Park - Pathway stabilization
  • Bath Road Multi-use pathway (Collins Bay to Coverdale Dr.) - Separated multi-use pathway on south side of Bath Rd
  • Breakwater Park - As per 2013 Master Plan
  • Commodores Cove - Lighting upgrades
  • Confederation Basin Marina - Renovation of facilities /washrooms and boater showers
  • Grass Creek Park - New timber framed gathering shelter
  • Inner Harbour Trail Improvements - Upgrades to existing pathway network along waterfront through urban K & P Trail project. Section from Emma Martin to River St was completed in 2015
  • Madoma Park - Landscaping and park renovation
  • Portsmouth Harbour and Kingston Penitentiary - Planning of overall combined site
  • Richardson Beach Bathhouse - Renovations accessibility upgrades
  • Richardson Beach - Design/Planning/Public Consultation
  • Ravensview Park - Shoreline improvements /water access
  • Waterfront Wayfinding and Promotion - Objective of WFMP

Land Acquisition

  • 18 acre parcel on Front Rd. by the airport
  • 2 small parcels in Cecil and Wilma Graham Park


The 2016 Council endorsed Waterfront Master Plan describes a fully connected waterfront system, including improved parks and open spaces, extending from the west limit of the City at Collins Bay easterly along Lake Ontario then northerly up the Great Cataraqui River to Kingston Mills; then easterly along the St Lawrence to Abbey Dawn Road.

The plan describes a system of improved park and public recreational destination waterfront nodes in the rural areas of the City.

The Waterfront Master plan's mandate is to improve connections and access to the waterfront and increase access to lands that aren't currently accessible to the public.

Key components of the Waterfront Master Plan: