For a detailed map view and legend please view the Culture Map application.


True explorers love maps

This evolving interactive Culture Map offers a new way to find out about the city's arts, cultural and heritage assets – all the places you can go to enrich your experience of Kingston. Click on points of interest for more information, links and images (where available) and plan your exploration.

Working to deepen your experience of Kingston

This prototype Culture Map represents the first phase of our work and will evolve over time to include more functionality and more detailed information. This cultural resource highlights attractions, venues, sites, facilities and historic districts and properties.

Currently, following information is included in the cultural resource map:

  • Museums
  • Theatres
  • Places of Worship
  • Public Art
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Arena
  • Heritage Properties, including UNESCO World Heritage sites and areas, National Historic Sites, Heritage Districts and both designated and listed heritage properties

As part of the development process, we welcome feedback from our stakeholders, residents, newcomers, tourists and visitors about this new tool.