Yard waste is not garbage. It does not go to landfill. In addition to the City's curbside brush and leaf collections in the fall, the City operates a leaf and yard waste drop off at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre (KARC), 196 Lappan's Lane.

Accessing the leaf and yard waste drop-off

  • Resident vehicles entering the leaf and yard waste drop off do not need to pass over the scales.*
  • Drive straight through the gates at the end of Lappan's Lane.
  • Inform the facility operator (when present) what you are bringing in and from where.
  • You will be asked to proceed to the appropriate pile to unload your materials. Once you have unloaded your materials, you may leave the facility.

For residents of Kingston, there is no charge to drop off leaf and yard waste.

*Businesses using the leaf and yard waste drop, fees may apply. Businesses will need to visit the scales prior to proceeding to the leaf and yard waste drop off.

Acceptable materials

  • Leaves, branches and other small yard waste
  • Brush
  • Tree limbs and root balls up to 40cm (15") in diameter and up to 90cm (3') in length.
  • Christmas Trees (no curbside collection)
  • Sod if the majority of soil is removed.

Non-acceptable materials

  • Materials placed in plastic bags, or compostable plastic bags
  • Stone, dirt, or other fills

Alternate drop-off location

Norterra Organics, 2069 Joyceville Rd., is a convenient drop-off location for yard waste, and will also accept green bin materials. Contact Norterra Organics at 613-546-0884 for their hours of operation.

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