Commit to your Climate Action Plan

Approved for release on Clean Air Day, June 4, 2014, the Kingston Climate Action Plan (KCAP) is a community-developed set of strategies to guide community efforts to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 352,500 tonnes by 2020 (from base year 2011 projections).

The Plan offers a high-level summary of how this goal will be met by action in these theme areas: Transportation, Energy, Resources and Natural Systems, Agriculture and Food Security and Climate Resilience.

Built on the goals and objectives of the Sustainable Kingston Plan, the actions outlined in our new Kingston Climate Action Plan will be implemented through a commitment from key community stakeholders and individuals like you.

Do you operate a business or organization?

If you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or organization and need help, take advantage of Sustainable Kingston's Green Economy Program. They have the tools you need to measure your carbon footprint, set reduction targets, create your plans and access resources. 

Use the Plan and the Climate Action Tool Kit to develop your own action plan. What climate actions can you take?