Be a Snow Angel: clear a neighbour's snow or ice

Anyone can be a Snow Angel. Are you ready to be one? Snow Angels are people who notice when neighbours may need help keeping a driveway or a stretch of sidewalk clear of snow and ice and decide to do it for them. Can you think of someone who could use a helping hand? Removing snow and ice for a neighbour is a wonderful way to show you care – and that we live in a community that cares.

By-the-way, removing snow and ice from catch basins so that melting snow can drain away is also angelic.

And Kingston Fire & Rescue reminds you that keeping fire escapes, exit doors and fire hydrants clear of snow and ice helps save lives.

Have a Snow Angel? Show your appreciation.

Snow Angels, by nature, are modest, quietly generous everyday heroes who melt hearts with their kind efforts. They may not seek reward or acknowledgement – but we know they deserve to be appreciated.

We can help you do that:

Enter your contact details below to get a special Snow Angel toque and a letter of appreciation sent to you to give to your kind neighbour (or someone you have noticed clearing a catch basin) – this will also enter him or her in a monthly draw.

If a household, group or family is nominated, each individual named in the nomination will be entered into the monthly draw for a City of Kingston swag bag.

The Snow Angel program runs from the beginning of December until the end of March.