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Park Renovations


  • Refurbished Pavilion structure with new universally accessible washrooms
  • New splash pad
  • New play equipment
  • Accessible walkways to improved waterfront
  • An enhanced and enlarged cobble beach
  • New waterfront sand play areas (just down the hill from the washroom buildings)
  • A refurbished performance area
  • Refurbished ‘Round House' washroom buildings


Phase 3: Detailed Design & Implementation

Plan For Lake Ontario Park

In November 2009, Council approved the Park's master plan concept. Since then, City officials and the consulting team have developed the detailed plan to fit the master plan's elements and functions into the actual landscape of the park. The detailed plan for Lake Ontario, posted at right, was the subject of a public meeting on Nov. 1, 2010 and a Your Opinion comment opportunity, which ended on Dec. 1, 2010.

Park Elements

  • Respects the existing trees in the park by locating the park amenities and recreational features within existing open (i.e. clear of trees) areas in the park
  • Creates naturalized areas on steep slopes
  • Retains and protects existing natural areas
  • Adds a pedestrian path from the park entrance to the main activity centre of the park at the refurbished pavilion (Longhouse)
  • Retains the pavilion structure and 'opens' it up to views and activities. This is the 'hub' or centre of the park
  • Offers new washrooms and a gathering space in the refurbished pavilion adjacent to a small amphitheatre, several picnic areas, the splash pad/skating rink and play areas
  • Adds new trees in activity areas, along pathways, both in and around the parking lot
  • Enhances and enlarges existing beach and amenity areas
  • Provides for accessibility: pathways, seating and picnic areas
  • Directs people to existing/historic views of the water on main pathways
  • Builds on existing views of the lake and creates simple passive viewing areas at key locations
  • Improves the southern lakefront viewing areas by offering an upper slope side sitting terraces, and sand play/bathing area adjacent to the lower walkway by stabilized shoreline
  • Provides for improved small-craft boat launch and dock
  • Allows for limited vehicle access to the small-craft boat launch and kayak/canoe storage facility
  • Reconfigures the existing parking lot to make it more functional and efficient
  • Adds two volleyball courts
  • Retains and renovates the historic round stone washrooms
  • Retains two lanes of the semi serviced camping area for event use including the drive-thru RV sites
  • Includes a new parks maintenance building located near the event area

Plan for Elevator Bay Park

  • Adds a perimeter walkway
  • New trees for shade and space definition
  • Adds a new waterfront terrace, lookout and public fishing