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In the spring of 2016, residents were asked for their input on the future of Kingston Transit. City staff evaluated the research and drafted the operational plan, which was submitted to council and approved for operational and capital budgets in November 2016.

Highlights of the Transit Business Plan 2017-21

January 2017

Change to Kingston Transit fares. Changes include:

  • an increase to the Affordable Transit monthly pass subsidy from 35% to 50%
  • expand the age category for Youth to range from 15-24 years old, for a 3-year pilot period
  • to provide free transit for children 14 and under, for a 3-year pilot period

September 2017

Expanded hours of service on Sundays and statutory holidays on all Express routes and some local/collector routes.

May 2018

Introduced a new Express route along the Montreal Street corridor providing 15-minute weekday peak service and 30-minute off-peak service (evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays)


Increase peak-time frequency and route efficiency on all Express & local/collector transit routes, including expansion of service to urban areas not currently served by Kingston Transit.

Timeline: 2016

Spring – Residents were asked for their input through public information sessions, consultations with community stakeholders, live chat, and online and on-street surveying. View the chat transcript with Jeremy DaCosta, transit manager.

Summer – City staff will evaluate the research and draft the operational plan.

August – The operational plan for 2017-2021 will be submitted to the environment infrastructure transportation and planning (EITP) committee for review and approval to proceed to submission to council.

September – The operational plan for 2017-2021 will be submitted to council for approval, and if approved, form the basis for the operational and capital budgets for 2017.

Highlights of the Transit Redevelopment Plan 2011-2015

Approved date Sept. 6, 2011

September 2013

  • launch of first of three express routes, 501/502, 15-minute service peak times; 30-minute service off-peak times
  • additional enhancements to local routes
  • fleet expansion 10 buses

December 2014 – 4 million rides, ridership growth reaches new record of 13 per cent over 2013

May 2015 – launch of two additional express routes

  • 601/602 – 15-minute service weekdays, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., 30-minute evenings and weekends
  • 701/702 – 15-minute service peak time, 30-minute off-peak
  • 501/502 – 20-minute service weekdays mid-day
  • Fleet expansion – five buses

December 2015 – 4.6 million rides, ridership growth 11.3 per cent over 2014

September 2016

  • 501/502 – 10-minute service weekdays morning and evening peak
  • Fleet expansion – three buses

Since 2012 Kingston Transit has hired more than 50 bus operators.