Alternatives to the proposed Wellington Street extension will be considered during the 2015–2018 term of council. A vision and secondary planning review will proceed for the Inner Harbour and old industrial area to lay a foundation for future redevelopment and revitalization of this part of the city.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) on the proposed Wellington Street Extension was approved by the Ministry of the Environment in June of 2008.

The EA was undertaken by the City of Kingston in response to the findings of the 2004 Kingston Transportation Master Plan (KTMP - updated in 2009) that identified a future deficiency in north-south capacity in the area between Elliott Avenue and downtown. To determine the optimal solution for addressing this deficiency, a comparative evaluation of alternatives was carried out. From this evaluation a two lane arterial was recommended connecting Bay Street to John Counter Blvd, taking opportunity to utilize existing abandoned rail corridors (see Study's Recommended Alternative).

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