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Working closely with Public Works, the Engineering Services teams use several different methodologies to design safe, long-lasting sidewalks and streets in Kingston. It is our goal to optimize the life cycle of our network, while managing the budget requirements. We aim to minimize construction time, and ensure that construction activities on all City of Kingston streets are coordinated and consistent.

Our crews provide services 365 days a year, and respond 24 hours a day.

New roads, road improvements & repairs

The City is committed to rehabilitating existing elements of our road network  and constructing new roadways with the latest proven and sustainable methods. Our planning processes analyze opportunities for efficiencies with data collection, contractor procurement, shovel-ready design necessary for grants from upper levels of government, improved coordination between project stakeholders and improved communication.

Projects are selected based on a number of factors:

  • existing long-term infrastructure plans,
  • various master plans,
  • condition and risk assessments
  • need for new road work to support development.

Rehabilitation techniques include:

  • Cold-patch is used to fill cracks and potholes
  • Crack sealing
  • Surface treatment (tar and chip)
  • Localized repairs
  • Pavement preservation
  • Asphalt replacement

2019 Road Work Focuses

  • Local (low volume) roads
  • Visual road survey conducted in early spring in conjunction with Public Works
  • Periodic sidewalk and road condition survey, data collection and analysis
  • Support for other City business units, including construction management for parks, active transportation and transit infrastructure, and parking and traffic projects
  • Servicing capacity for land development and redevelopment

2019 road work categories

Road work requires many different techniques and repairing methods. For the 2019 road work plan, work is classified into:

  • Local roads
    • repaving road surfaces
    • Preventative maintenance (patch repair and crack sealing)
  • Low volume roads
    • Various scopes of work, including surface to preventative maintenance repairs
  • Surface treated roads (regrading and resurfacing roads)
  • Utility road work with right of ways
  • Cold-patch is used to fill cracks and potholes. But some roads require more substantial asphalt repairs that will last up to five years.

Help maintain our streets and sidewalks

  • Report needed sidewalk and road repairs when you see them to the City
  • Report pot holes to help keep our roads safe
  • Clear leaves and snow from catch basins
  • Don't drop litter, cigarette butts, or chewing gum on the ground

Get in touch & stay informed

We have a robust customer service system that allows customers to call in with comments. The comments are distributed to the appropriate department and are considered in the overall road evaluation process. Contact a person at customer service

Motorists and cyclists can keep up with where/when repair work is taking place by: