The 2019 Development Charges Bylaw was approved by Council on Aug. 13, 2019 and came into effect Sept. 29, 2019.

The City currently collects development related charges pursuant to Bylaw 2014-135 (Development Charge) and Bylaw 2009-138, as amended (Impost Fee). These charges, collected when a building permit is issued, help the City fund additional municipal infrastructure required by future development.

The current rates and rules were established on the basis of the 2014 Development Charge and Impost Fee Background Study prepared by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (2014 Background Study).  The existing Development Charge and Impost Fee bylaws will expire on Sept. 29 and 30, 2019 respectively.

Conducting the Background Study

Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. will undertake the 2019 Development Charge Background Study and Bylaw Development. Watson & Associates has prepared all previous Development Charge and Impost Fee Background Studies for the City. Watson & Associates is also preparing the Population, Housing and Employment Projections Study, a key document that is required to support the 2019 Development Charge Background Study. 

Public Engagement

The background study process is now underway.  Public consultation will be a key component of the study process and will include two public open houses as well as three focus group meetings that will provide opportunities for the development community, other stakeholders and members of the public to provide input into the Study.  Once the dates, times and locations are confirmed notices will be published and posted here.

Materials prepared by the consultant team in support of the background study as well as the Draft Background Study and Draft Bylaw will also be posted on the website. The Development Charges Act now requires that the Background Study be made available to the public at least sixty (60) days before the new Development Charge Bylaw is passed.

How the Development Charge is Calculated

The Development Charges Act, 1997 requires that the municipality:

  • Review its development charge every five years.
  • Prepare a background study to support the new development charge and prior to the adoption of a new bylaw. 
  • Hold at least one statutory public meeting to advise the public of any proposed changes to the development charge and offer an opportunity for the public to ask questions about the background study. 

During the preparation of the 2014 background study, there was much discussion with respect to the separate charges and bylaws for the Development Charge and Impost Fee. City council's motion to approve the 2014 background study included the following direction to staff:

"That Staff be directed to undertake the necessary background study requirements under the Development Charges Act, 1997 to include water and wastewater services such that those services be introduced into the 2019 Development Charges Bylaw".

The 2019 Development Charge Background Study will therefore consolidate all growth-related charges into the new Development Charge Bylaw.


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