The City will commission and/or exhibit of works of temporary public art – including street art – to promote diverse cultural expression in a variety of mediums in civic spaces, places and neighbourhoods. This work will not become part of the Civic Collection.

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Current Projects

Paved Paradise 2019

This year's Paved Paradise, a temporary outdoor public art exhibition, features seven original photo-based works by Kingston artists Noah Scheinman and Adam Biehler that document the impact of industrial activity on the local environment. The exhibition, titled Tomorrow's Geology Today, is presented using seven mini billboards located on the north side of Brock Street at Ontario Street, next to the parking lot and facing City Hall.

Come to the exhibition launch event on Saturday, July 13 at 2 p.m. 

Artist Bio: Noah Scheinman

Noah Scheinman is an artist, designer and writer based in Kingston whose practice explores the intersecting histories of environment, technology and culture. His work combines a background in architecture and urban design with an emergent language of sculpture, installation, collage, photography and video. Scheinman's interdisciplinary approach is motivated by the desire to understand planetary networks of energy, ecology and emotion in terms of the political economies that drive material and geographic transformations.

Artist Bio: Adam Biehler

Adam Biehler is a Kingston-based photographer/videographer whose personal work focuses on
the relationship between humans and their environments. His works aim to illustrate both the impact of humans on their environments and the impact of an environment on human activity. Biehler achieves this narrative either by juxtaposing industrial and commercial elements in wild nature settings or by inserting stoic characters into onerous man-made environments.


Public Art at the INVISTA Centre

The City will unveil its latest temporary public art installation in Kingston at a public launch event on June 12 at the INVISTA Centre from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Three local artists were selected through a public call for submissions to create public art for the atrium of the INVISTA Centre. Residents are invited to attend this free event to view the installation and meet the artists.

The works on display will be:

Waterway, Danielle Folkerts

On my first visit to the Invista Centre I was immediately drawn to the daily flow and rhythm of the people, events and activities happening throughout the facility. The centre is a vital hub for locals and visitors to foster connections and create memories. Each day you can expect to find the building bustling with people racing to and from practices, watching special events and games and cruising through their weekly routines. So I wondered, how can we slow down and capture these moments? How can we cultivate an environment that inspires us to pause, admire and reflect?

Inspired by the Kingston community and Lake Ontario, Waterway is a visual dialogue, interpreted by splashes of painterly brush strokes, layered washes and vibrant colours. I believe painting is simply a series of visual cues, creating a mindful narrative between seeing, feeling and imagination.  This mural is a balance of careful consideration and accidental chaos. A lively and interactive mosaic, it forms an expressive pathway for us to navigate. Using an array of therapeutic blue tones, contrasted by oranges, yellows and purples to strategically balance the composition, I aimed to ultimately create a refreshing and revitalizing, rushing current of water and energy that flows alongside the walls.

My wish is that this mural will take you on a meaningful voyage throughout the facility, welcoming and sending you gently on your way.

Portals Series, Shannon Brown

Informed by my dreams and visions, and the beauty of nature, the Portals series is created during inspired painting sessions and then digitally manipulated to create the final mirrored image. Although I am right handed, I wish I could create with both my right and left hands at the same time, so with these pieces my dominant right hand creates the gouache painting and my left hand waits for its adaptive technology, to give expression to what it inspires. We are being called to step through a portal and to dream in the new world we want to live in, for the planet, all our relations, our children and future generations to come.

The Toy Camera Series, Anna Soper

A tangle of cherry blossoms on Wolfe Island. A clump of weeds in full bloom. A fragment of graffiti along the banks of London's River Lea. These are just three of the wild spaces I've explored with my camera—drawing the urban and natural environment into a rhythm of light, form and colour. While I work in a variety of media, I use my toy camera as an exercise in allowing: letting the light leak onto the edges of the film; letting the plastic lens work its magic; letting the camera show me the way.


Past Artist Opportunities

  • Paved Paradise (2019)
  • Culture Days Transit Pop Up
  • INVISTA Centre Pillars & Mural
  • Paved Paradise Downtown Beautification Strategy (2018)